8 daily extensions

I have some basic extensions were I’ve been using for years. When I need to setup a new workstation I need to remember what exactly extensions I had installed before, so I decided to write down here sharing this valuable list with you.

I normally use three browsers (Safari, Chrome and Firefox) during the development of a web application switching my preference between Chrome and FF and using Safari only to see if is nothing breaking there.

Inseparable friend with a loot of utility.

Swiss army knife, usually I use to block CSS or JS loaded on the page and resizing as well.

Specifically useful for Rails developers.

Useful to catch hexadecimal.

Good to know exactly how many pixel has a specific element on your document.

Great to find out what font is being applied to a specific element.

Essential to watch YouTube without those advertisements.

Recent adoption, make a zip of those 200 tabs opened in only one reducing dramatically memory consumption.

Tree new additions from 2016 to the list

News Feed Eradicator
To avoid the political wave from Facebook keeping the brain clean and awesome again.

React Devtools
The new good friend of React developers.

Get a beautiful initial page on Chrome (highly recommended)


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